Wyvern Health Partnership is a newly formed partnership of five GP practices, formed in 2018 to improve the quality of care for over 50,000 patients across the area.

The partnership incorporates Hawthorn Medical Centre, Lawn Medical Centre, Merchiston Surgery, Old Town Surgery and Priory Road Medical Centre.

Our practices have fantastic teams, each led by a group of partners and a practice manager. They include training practices for GPs, medical students ,and nurses.

The practices came together in response to the increased demand for primary care services in Swindon and the considerable pressure this put on resources, and on staff in particular.

The creation of Wyvern Health Partnership will enable our practices to transform the way in which they provide GP-led services. This will ensure that we can continue to operate in the best interests of our patients who are at the centre of everything we do.

The partnership has 23 partners and a large team of GPs, nurse practitioners, general nurses, health care assistants and support staff, working together and sharing best practice to benefit both our teams & our patients alike.

Our aim is to deliver a resilient, sustainable and efficient primary care service, which can attract and retain GPs, other clinical staff and support staff. This in turn will improve the quality of care, and patient satisfaction.

Wyvern Health Partnership is a Primary Care Network, accredited by the National Association of Primary Care as a Primary Care Home.